Sorcerer King of Annex

The sound of horse’s hooves striking the cobbles echoed through the empty courtyard. There was not a soul to be seen, and when Ducky pulled her horse to a halt there was eerie silence. Every instinct in Ducky’s body screamed. Ducky jumped from the saddle and pulled her sword. Ducky sensed she was not alone, and her suspicions were proved when through the silence sounded the distinct chimed of hammer on iron.

Ducky followed the sound until she found a well muscled man working a piece of red hot steel. Ducky could feel the air around the man hum. Light seemed to vibrate as it hit him.

“So you’re the Sorcerer King of Annex.”

The man didn’t stop his work but spoke with each swing. “Most people are so astute. May I ask who you are?”

“I am the Duchess of Evergreen.”

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A List of Things to Write

There are so many things I want to write in my life. These are just the ones I can come up with right now:

Science fiction series that cause us to ponder humanity and existence.

Fantasy novels/series that sweep us away to new worlds.

Survival guide for the mentally ill.

Star Trek novels

An autobiography that encourages and inspires.

Survival guide for friends and family of the mentally ill.

Descriptive stories based on the lives of people from the Bible.

A series of westerns.

Workbooks that help people focus on the positive and build good habits.

Children books.

Reader’s choice books.

Poetry and prose that moves the soul.

Articles or short stories for magazines.

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“Ducky,” Amarah whispered as her lifelong friend approached the throne. Ducky wasn’t sure why, but she felt in her heart that this was a solemn and momentous occasion for both herself and the queen. Curtsying low, Ducky addressed her queen, “Your Majesty.”

Amarah was the picture of regal perfection, only with her crown in her hands instead of resting on her head. “Are you ready to swear fealty to your queen?”

“Yes your Majesty.”

Amarah rose and beckoned to Ducky. Ducky approached her, unsure as the queen extended her crow to Ducky. “Take it in your hands and swear your fealty to me and my crown, Ducky.”

Ducky did as she was told. Her eye for detail noticed that the ancient crown had been altered. Where the gold had once shone smooth there was now an infinity symbol etched in the shining metal. Ducky wrapped her fingers around the crown, until her hands were pressed up against Amarah’s. She blinked, she could sworn that the infinity symbol had shone with its own light for a split second.

Ducky met Amarah’s expectant gaze with her own, and with hardly a though she opened her mouth and spoke the words she had been contemplating since she’d come home from the war.

“I Alexandria, Duchess of Evergreen pledge my life in service to the crown. As long as Amarah, Daughter of Keno,” Ducky’s eyes flitted to Amarah’s swollen belly, “and the descendants of Amarah lay claim to the crown I will live to serve them and protect their sovereignty.”

The infinity symbol blaze then, and Ducky was not imagining it because Amarah gasped too. Light swirled up from the crown and wrapped itself around both women’s hands. Ducky tried to release her grip and back away but she was held fast by the eerie light. She looked up with fear into Amarah’s eyes and was shocked to see the woman was completely calm. As if she had expected the crown to respond in such a way. Then as quickly as the light had appeared it retreated into the crown and Ducky was able to back away.

She looked at her hands in disbelief and then turned accusing eyes on Amarah.

“What was that?”

“That was the magic of the crown sealing you to your word.”

“What, because you didn’t trust me to keep it?”

“No Ducky, don’t you see, now the crown will sustain you in your service to me and my descendants.”

“Where did you get this kind of sorcery?”

Amarah blanched at Ducky’s heated voice. She turned away, letting her hands fall to her side. “The Sorcerer King of Annex.”

Ducky was incredulous, “The Sorcerer King, but he is just a myth!”

“He exists Ducky, I went to see him, and I found him. No I do not have to fret, I will always have a loyal servant, you will not fail me. You can not fail me. The crown won’t let you.”

Ducky shuddered. She did not like the idea of enchantments or witchcraft. She cast about, and realized she had to understand what had happened to her. She would have to go to the source. She would make the Sorcerer answer for what he had done. Ducky turned and strode out of the Grand Hall. Amarah called after her, “Wait, Ducky, where are you going?”

“To find the Sorcerer King of Annex!”

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One Piece at a Time

Building a jigsaw puzzle, you must sort the pieces. Then you work on a specific part of the puzzle. It falls together one piece at a time. It takes patience and determined application. If you try to focus on the big picture you risk overwhelming yourself, but if you focus on a section, with the big picture in the back of your mind, you will find success comes in steady increments.

Life’s a jigsaw puzzle: starts out as a jumbled mess of potential and possibility, takes focus and determination, and you may only live it one piece at a time.

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6 Things They Want You to Know

Alright folks it is time to get real. No more metaphors or similes, just the truth. If someone you love has a mental illness here are 6 things they wish they could tell you but can’t put into words:

Their cries for help are silent, either because they don’t know how to ask for help, or they’re scared or ashamed.

Even if they know they need to get help they may need your help, or kick in the pants to do it.

You are not to blame and should not feel responsible for how they feel or behave.

They don’t necessarily want you to try and fix everything, more than anything they need somebody to listen.

They feel guilty for how their illness impacts your relationship.

They are exhausted from fighting against their own mind and body day in and day out.

They are incredibly thankful for any and all support.

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Words words words

I told myself I would write for forty-five minutes. But I could write for an eternity and not be able to say anything that has not already been uttered. What could I possibly have to offer that shows an inkling of originality?

It is true, nobody says it like I do.

How could they? They have not lived my life, and even if they had they would not have lived it like I have.

But everyone has something to say. And in a world that won’t stop talking doesn’t it say more to be the silence?

Everyone has something to say, but is any of it worth the saying?

Perhaps I should save my words until they have proven their worth…

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Waiting for the flood

The thoughts won’t flow

There’s a dam in my mind

Somewhere lies a reservoir

Someday there will be flood

A torrent will break through

It always happens this way

When it happens

What a force it will be

A force to be reckoned with.

My pen will know no rest then

There will not be enough paper

To hold all the notions

That the flood will set in motion

When that dam breaks

They will ready what I have to say

Will they comprehend?

Or will the flood overwhelm them

Will they drown in the concepts

How can I make it clear?

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