Who is J.B. Wagner?

That’s ME!

A simple woman, with some ambitious plans, living in small town Saskatchewan.

In my childhood I used fantasy fiction to escape my thoughts long enough for my brain to process the world around me. When life progressed and became more complicated, I began writing my own Adventures to help me process. Now, I am dedicated to creating New Worlds for others to escape to. I hope it brings them joy and relief from the crazy world we live in.

What gets me up in the morning

My Dogs

Lindy, my yellow Labrador Retriever and Puzzle my pretty Whippet remind me that others rely on me daily. Dogs make me a better person because they thrive under kindness, and kindness is a habit best practiced in all areas of life.

Doting Wife

Happily married for almost 3 years. My husband is the one that challenges me to be a better me every day, always with a lot of laughter.

Paying the Bills

I work for a great company, in that I am very lucky, but I read and write to escape the mundanity of it all, so let’s just leave it at that.

Learn, Learn, LEarn

I’m not happy unless I am in the process of mastering a new concept, skill, or task. Some examples of things I enjoy learning about include: positive reinforcement dog training, canine conformation, accounting, business, computer programming, connection and relationship building, and God.

the beliefs at my core.

Life is an Adventure.

If you see Life as a curse, it is going to be a curse. If you see it as an Adventure the tears and pain and hard work make sense, and the excruciatingly exhilarating challenge will always be worth it.

You decide on the adventures you have.

You can have the Adventure, or the Adventure can have you. The most important thing? Believe that you are the one to decide which one it is going to be.

Adventure is only worth having if it is had with Friends.

You are going to need a friend somewhere along the way. Humans, you can’t live with them yet they are everywhere! There’s a reason for that, we are designed to crave relationship, but along the way we forgot how to relate. There is one friend, and if we take Him with us, our Adventures will always be worth having.

Join me on the Adventure…