This is where we open doors. Doors to New Worlds.

New Worlds full of magic, action, and Adventure.

We step across the threshold of mundanity.

We step into Worlds of novelty and imagination.

We are disappointed, because sometimes the doors are locked, and the road to Adventure barricaded. We will need friends to help us.

No Adventure is worth having without a friend at your side,

and friends are the Key to New Worlds of Adventure.

We welcome you, Fellow Adventurer. Come and open the doors to New Worlds. Join us.

New Worlds are waiting…

…waiting for you.

At JBWriting we present fantasy fiction of all shapes and sizes. Currently we are sharing serial short stories with our email list. We plan to begin releasing novelettes, novellas, and a novel in the months to come.

We understand that life is hectic and there isn’t always time for us to take a break and enjoy the Adventures we crave. That is why we offer stories of varying lengths, so you can fit Adventure into your schedule. Or if preferred, you can download an audio file and take our stories on the road with you.

Our stories are written with a diverse audience in mind and would be appropriate and enjoyable for both Secular and Christian audiences.

If you would like to experience fantasy fiction, the JBWriting way, follow the link below.

Still shy? Worried about giving up your privacy without really knowing what we are all about?

That’s okay. We understand.

Stranger danger is a real thing. And, unfortunately, so is spam.

To show you how sincere we are, we have some blog posts you can read to get a sense of what we are all about. This one is an excerpt of Pilgrim, the novel we will be releasing later this year.

Check it out and let us know what you think…