Sorcerer King of Annex

The sound of horse’s hooves striking the cobbles echoed through the empty courtyard. There was not a soul to be seen, and when Ducky pulled her horse to a halt there was eerie silence. Every instinct in Ducky’s body screamed. Ducky jumped from the saddle and pulled her sword. Ducky sensed she was not alone, and her suspicions were proved when through the silence sounded the distinct chimed of hammer on iron.

Ducky followed the sound until she found a well muscled man working a piece of red hot steel. Ducky could feel the air around the man hum. Light seemed to vibrate as it hit him.

“So you’re the Sorcerer King of Annex.”

The man didn’t stop his work but spoke with each swing. “Most people are so astute. May I ask who you are?”

“I am the Duchess of Evergreen.”

#100words100days #day39 #catchupday #DuchessofEvergreen



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