6 Things They Want You to Know

Alright folks it is time to get real. No more metaphors or similes, just the truth. If someone you love has a mental illness here are 6 things they wish they could tell you but can’t put into words:

Their cries for help are silent, either because they don’t know how to ask for help, or they’re scared or ashamed.

Even if they know they need to get help they may need your help, or kick in the pants to do it.

You are not to blame and should not feel responsible for how they feel or behave.

They don’t necessarily want you to try and fix everything, more than anything they need somebody to listen.

They feel guilty for how their illness impacts your relationship.

They are exhausted from fighting against their own mind and body day in and day out.

They are incredibly thankful for any and all support.

#100words100days #day31 #bellletstalk


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