Not a Queen pt 9

Ducky threw down a sword, it clattered on the cobbles of the courtyard. It landed in front of a group of young men. One particularly handsome face looked at the sword and then sneered at her.

“Defend yourself Grandon.”

Ducky noted that his face remained handsome despite the sneer.

“You, a woman, challenge me?”

“You dishonor the women of the court with your actions and words, I am here to deliver the consequences of your actions.”

“You mean I dishonor that tramp that sits on the throne and you’re her puppet-“

Ducky had her sword already in hand and before Grandon could finish his sentence she had swung the blade and slapped him with the flat of her blade. The blow left a red welt across his face.

“You will speak with respect or I will cut out your tongue and feed it to my hounds. Now pick up the sword and defend yourself.”

Grandon was incensed. He grabbed the sword and lunged at Ducky. Ducky knocked his sword aside ad danced away from him. Grandon ran at her, enraged. Ducky deflected each attack with ease. She allowed him to continue, tiring himself out. When she was weary of his feeble swordsmanship she swung her sword, locked blades with him, and then with a thrust of her arm sent his sword flying from his hand to land across the courtyard. Not missing a beat Ducky swung her sword again and used the flat of her blade to sweep Grandon’s feet out from under him. The man landed on the cobbles and could not rise because Ducky’s blade was pressed to his throat.

“Now that I have put you in your place, you will report to General Arcana for your marching orders.”

“But I am the son of an Earl, I can’t be drafted.”

“And I am a Duchess, so when I say you will serve, you will.”

Ducky turned to leave the courtyard but paused when she spotted General Arcana watching her. She strode over to him.

“The Earl of Redwater’s son is to be placed on the front lines.”

“But we aren’t at war with anyone. There are no front lines to place him on.”

“Than start a war!” Ducky snapped. She immediately regretted it and sighed heavily.

“I apologize General, just keep him as far away from women as possible, and keep him there until he is no longer a threat.”

“That I can and will do, Your Grace.”

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