Not a Queen part 8

A year earlier Ducky would not have bothered to knock, but time and distance left her hesitant. She knocked on the heavy mahogany door and waited until she heard a familiar voice call out. With a wide grin Ducky burst into the room, but she stopped dead when Amarah turned to face her. Ducky couldn’t keep the smile from fading when she saw that where the beautiful queen’s waist had once been slim it was now rounded.

“You, you’re pregnant?”

Ducky despised herself when she looked up and saw the shame on Amarah’s face.

“Oh Ducky, I’m so sorry.” Amarah whispered as tears sparkled in her eyes.

Ducky crossed the room and wrapped her life long friend in her arms. “No Amarah, I am sorry.”

“How did this happen Amarah?”

“He took advantage of me, Ducky, I didn’t understand what was happening” Amarah burst into tears and laid her head on Ducky’s chest.

“Tell me his name, Amarah, and I will take care of it.”

Amarah looked up at Ducky with horrified eyes, “Ducky, you have to stop him, what if he does this to another woman? You have to stop him.”

“I will Amarah, just tell me who he is.”

#100words100days #day25 #DuchessofEvergreen


5 thoughts on “Not a Queen part 8

  1. When you said you were only writing a 100 Words a day, I didn’t anticipate such an important piece of the plot to be conveyed. You pack a lot of punch with your well-chosen Words.


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