The landscape was muted in shades of white, blue and grey. The sky was overcast and mist hovered just beyond a man’s reach. Wool of forest green cloaked a woman dressed in a leather tunic and chainmail. Platinum locks were held back by leather lashings. Gloved hands tensed on the reins. The grey stallion sensed his mistress’ excitement and pranced in response. The woman looked back over her shoulder. Stretched out behind her were miles of troops marching in order. General Arcana had given her permission to ride ahead and greet the queen.

Ducky tensed again, then set her heels to her horse and galloped across the fields towards the castle in the distance. It’s dark stone walls pierced the winter whiteness. A few weeks away to fight a battle had turned into a year away to win a war. Ducky feared seeing Amarah, feared that the queen would be upset with her right hand for being gone so long. Ducky was returning a victor, a tested and tried warrior. She had proven herself, and now she felt worthy to serve her queen.

#100words100days #day24 #DuchessofEvergreen


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