“You’re leaving me.”

“Only for a few weeks Amarah, General Arcanah says I have exceeded his expectations in training and he wants me to experience a battle firsthand.”

Amarah sighed and stared out the window. She could see troops assembling in the courtyard below and the General’s horse being brought out to him.

“You aren’t giving me much notice.”

“I’m sorry Amarah, but General Arcanah didn’t tell me until today. You know how he is.”

Amarah didn’t know how to feel. Ducky was living the life she could never have. Adventure was an option for the young blonde woman, but Amarah was destined to live a life confined to a castle. “I’ll miss you.”

“I don’t have to go Amarah, I can stay if you want me to.”

“Yes you do have to go, because you need to go and learn about war so one day you can be the best advisor a queen has ever had.”

“Yes Your Majesty.”

#100words100days #day22 #doubleheader


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