The throne made her seem minute in comparison. Ridiculously long scarlet robes only dwarfed her further. On a pedestal beside the throne sat a gold crown, too large for the young girl’s head. Curls of hair framed her face like a flock of wild ravens. Set in a face of ivory silk were eyes of flaming sapphires.

With a twisted smile the young girl turned in her throne and whispered into the shadows behind her. “It will be great Ducky, just trust me.”

A girl of about twelve, only slightly older than the girl on the throne, clothed in trousers and a forest green tunic fidgeted in the shadows.

“But I feel so foolish wearing these boys’ clothes Amarah.”

“Ducky, I convinced the sword master to train you. I would give up anything to be in your place. You have to do this for me and tell me all about it.”

With a sigh Ducky bowed her head, “Yes Your Majesty.”

#100words100days #day20 #DuchessofEvergreen


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