“Your soul is mine to consume, to savor for eternity. I will feed on its force and it will make me even more powerful, little human.”

Pilgrim pushed through the fog that pressed against her brain every time the demon spoke or looked at her. Mustering her strength, Pilgrim swung her arm, allowing the weight of the lodestone to pull her through to contact the demon’s arm. The demon hissed, as if burnt, and dropped Pilgrim. She collapsed on her knees and did her best to draw breath into her aching lungs.

“What is that? What have you burnt me with?”

Pilgrim was on her knees, bowed over, with her hands in her lap, cradling the lodestone to her chest. She closed her eyes and listened to its hum. As she did words formed on her tongue and she opened her mouth to let them out. “I go forth on the authority of the Creator. The One who has power over both the living and the dead. He will not allow you to interfere with His servant.”

With a strength that was not her own Pilgrim lifted the lodestone and thrust it towards the demon. “Now return from whence you came!”

Pilgrim watched as the demon threw its head back and roared. She didn’t flinch when his great red mouth opened, or when he pierced her with his hellish gaze. Instead she was unwavering as a crack formed in the ground beneath his clawed feet and he was sucked down into it. As he disappeared he roared and screamed. Then the ground knit itself back together and the ghastly sounds were swallowed up.

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