Not a Queen pt4

“The Duchess of Evergreen? But she’s just a…”

“A myth? A legend? Haven’t you read our histories? She has a place in all of them.”

“In the very least I thought it was just a title, fulfilled by a new person every generation.”

“No Glorian, Ducky is the Duchess of Evergreen.”

“But first mention of her dates back at least five centuries!”

“She can’t die, Glorian, she swore fealty to not only my great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother, but to our entire bloodline. As long as a direct descendant of the first Queen Amarah of Renoah is on the throne the Duchess of Evergreen and her household will live to serve and protect our claim to the throne.”

#100words100days #day13 #DuchessofEvergreen


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