Unable to focus, unable to settle. Pacing, circling, restless. Thoughts are disjointed and choppy. Like a robot that is shorting out. I am living in a house of mirrors and I don’t know the way out. It is impossible to articulate, even harder to understand. What does it say about me that I cannot even comprehend my own situation? All I can say is it is like being hit by a wave and rising to only be hit by the next wave. Is it vanity to keep rising?

My life is an endless ocean, and I have lost my ship.

#100words100days #day11 #ocean #itsametaphor


2 thoughts on “Ocean

  1. I can truly relate. You are not in that ocean alone. Even though the person on each side of you appears to have it all figured out, that is not the case. Every human being, this side of eternity, has a loose thread that can come unraveled if the wrong event or/and person comes along.
    I don’t say this to discourage you but to encourage. Knowing you are not alone, is knowing that you are not necessarily defective, but just human. Secondly, it helps you to realize that not only is there someone who has gone through it, going through it, and has developed skills to deal with it, but there is someone who is entering it and they may need to draw from your knowledge and experience to cope.
    Whether you feel broken or not my dear, you are loved and together we can be broken.

    Love, your dad.

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