Not a Queen pt3

“Glorian, this is her Royal Highness, Princess Adahlia.”

Glorian bowed before a tiny human. A girl of about twelve, standing no taller than four feet and clothed in robes of scarlet and gold. The Princess, with her sapphire eyes, ignored Glorian’s bow.

“Who is this Ducky?”

“Your new tutor, if it pleases you.”

‘Ducky’, turned to leave, “I will leave you two to get acquainted with each other.” And then she swept out of the room.

Forgetting himself, Glorian turned to the Princess “Who is she?”

The Princess gave him a quizzical frown, “Why, the Duchess of Evergreen of course.”

#100words100days #day10 #notaqueen #DuchessofEvergreen


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