Not a Queen pt 2

Her voice echoed through the grand hall and resonated in his mind. “Announce yourself young man.”

She called him young man but she couldn’t have been more than 23, eight years younger than himself.

“I am Glorian, the scholar.”

“What is your business here Glorian?”

“And what makes you think you are qualified?”

“I speak seven languages and am fluent in the history and politics of as many cultures.”

The woman sighed and pursed her lips. Unconsciously she was stroking the pommel of her sword. With another sigh the woman dropped her hand.

“Come along then, her Highness wants to meet you. Her approval will be the final decision.”

Glorian watched the woman turn and walk into the dark behind the throne. She moved with a grace that left Glorian speechless. He started when her voice barked from the darkness, “Now Glorian!”

#100words100days #day8 #notaqueen

I went over 100 words, this story is demanding itself to be written!


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