When I was seventeen I came home from working at Bible Camp to find a 2002 Chevrolet S10 sitting in front of our house. A month or so later I got my license, and that truck has been my daily driver ever since. One of my high school friends brought me a little “Woody” keychain souvenir from Disneyland and Woody to this day is still hanging from the rear view mirror. Sticking with the Toy Story theme I lovingly started thinking of my truck as “Buzz”. Buzz has accumulated a few other friends over the years, a little farmer toy that I named Farmer Joe is stuck to the dash with some fun tak, there’s a stuffed toy dog that somebody bought me named Tony, a tiny stuffed cow named Maggie is my key chain, and a red stress ball Ky gave me once rolls around on the dash. (The stress ball comes in great when I hit every red light or get stuck in traffic).

Buzz isn’t that big, but he is perfect for me. Truman fits in the back seat, and my bags fit in the front seat. I like being able to load stuff up in the box whenever the need arises, but I don’t have to worry about the poor gas mileage that would come from owning a larger truck. There’s rust around the fenders, and Buzz has needed multiple parts replaced. The two of us have seen quite a bit of mud, probably too much mud for a truck that started its life in the city. Almost every one of my adventures has been reached in that little truck.

Now you may be wondering why I am going on about Buzz, well it is because today Buzz reached 310,000 kilometers. (309,994 to be exact but we’ll reach 310 when I go to work tomorrow morning so just work with me 😉 ) It is a blessing that my truck has brought me this far, and is still buzzing along like it always has. While I try not to place too much sentimentality on material things, it will be a sad day when Buzz stops running. But until then, as Buzz’s namesake would proclaim, “to infinity and beyond!”

#day29 #lookingforthegood #blessed #chevy #s10 #buzzlightyear #toinfinityandbeyond


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