The Comfort of Cleaning

Have you ever walked into a room, or a house for that matter, and the clutter and the dirt just overwhelmed you? Perhaps it is your own home (no judgment it doesn’t take long for things to get out of hand). There’s something about dirtiness that just elevates my stress level. I lose the ability to focus, get comfortable, or even think clearly. My mind and emotional state tend to reflect my environment.

Ky was working away on the garage again today, and while I could have found ways to help him, it wouldn’t have been an efficient use of my time. Besides, he was doing great on his own! So I decided to help him in a different way. With my earphones in and my favourite playlist on I set a timer for fifteen minutes and began the challenge of cleaning his bedroom. By cleaning for fifteen minutes and then taking a break to read or play with the dog for fifteen minutes before getting back to work I was able to get the job done. It slowed down near the end because the vacuum kept dying. But Ky pulled out the dust bunnies that had clogged it and I was back at it. We took a break for supper before I got it completely finished. Finish it was the first thing I did when we got back from the bar (the bar in Strasbourg makes a great baked lasagna!).

While we were eating I told Ky he COULD NOT let me forget to write a blog post tonight. He asked me, “what are you going to write about?”

I kind of smiled, “Cleaning.”

“No way.” He replied. I don’t think he could believe it.

I explained to him that even though cleaning does sound like a mundane and dreary task on a normal day, I LOVE to take a room and make it look better.

The feeling of relief when a room is finally in order fills me with joy. It takes a weight off my chest that makes it so much easier to sit down and just enjoy being somewhere. Whether it be my boyfriend’s home, my home, or the bathroom at work. Making something look better brings me joy. From now on I think I will have to quit thinking of cleaning as a chore, and start thinking of cleaning as a means to an end. A wonderful end.

Best part of my day? The satisfaction of a job well done! And Ky’s bedroom no longer smells like dirty socks and old farts…

#day28 #lookingforthegood #cleaning #jobwelldone


2 thoughts on “The Comfort of Cleaning

  1. LOL – love the ending. This is weird because yesterday a friend and I were textng about how we were doing the “housework” YUCK. And we both said that even if you just gave the room and “lick and a promise” it looked better, and we felt better – it made you smile to see it clean.

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