When I think about this vast world it overwhelms me. Yesterday when we got up there was a haze across the plains. Having not heard anything about fires I assumed it was dust from the harvesting activities of Saskatchewan’s many farmers. The radio corrected me by saying that the smoke is from wildfires somewhere down in Montana. If that doesn’t make this world feel small, I don’t know what would. We experience the smoke from fires that are hundreds of kilometers away. The United States seems to far away it is hard to comprehend that we could see the results of disasters they are experiencing here at home. Again, it feels overwhelming to ponder.

Ky was busy working on the garage yesterday, but around three I smiled and told him I sure would enjoy a chance to go swimming before I had to go home. So half an hour later we packed up and headed to the lake. What a delightful feeling to sit in the water after being out in the sun and heat. (What a delightful feeling to know that my man will abandon his projects to make me happy 😉

Last Mountain Long Lake isn’t a very wide lake. Most of the time you can see the other side. When we are on the ice in the winter I always think about how it wouldn’t be a great feat to walk across the lake and back again in a day. When we are in the boat in the summer, again it doesn’t take long to get across. Yet when I was treading water, at eye level with the lake, it felt vast. Again I was overwhelmed. The water stretched on for what felt an eternity. I could hardly see the other shore. As the wind blew across the lake it rose and fell in small waves, as if this great body of water was breathing. A shiver shook my body as I realized that while it doesn’t seem like that large of a lake, it would be exhausting to try and swim across it.

Taking a deep breath, I then closed my eyes and let myself float on my back. I could feel my body wobbling just beneath the water’s surface. With my eyes closed I allowed myself to enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. With my ears beneath the water I couldn’t hear anything, I was suspended in time and space. All the knots in my muscles unwound and it felt as though my mind sighed with relief. The feeling of being overwhelmed was no longer a bad thing in my thoughts. Instead I allowed myself to float over it, in it, with it. Perhaps this is what they mean by “go with the flow”. It is not in my nature to do that, I am an intense and contrary person. I do my own thing. But it felt good to just surrender to the weight of nature and enjoy it without fretting for five minutes. All I had to do was breathe and stay afloat. Just breathe and stay afloat.

#day27 #lookingforthegood #lastmountainlonglake #saskatchewan #floating

p.s. This post was meant for Monday but I am a few days behind. Ky cracked the whip this morning though and said I wasn’t allowed out of the house until I had caught up! Thank God for people that hold me accountable. 🙂


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