Two Steps Outside my Comfort Zone

Yesterday was a busy day, the last day of a long but rewarding week. One might say this post is more about finding the good in this last week than it is about finding the good in only one day. On Monday I was asked to help one of the teachers with the preschool/kindergarten class. It was a large class of ten kids. The class was too large so the decision was made to divide the class, and I was nominated to be the teacher.

Working with children is a large step out of my comfort zone. So teaching a group of children would be two large steps out of my comfort zone. I shrugged and thought, “what’s the worst that can happen?”

This week came with good and bad, some of which I wrote about in my post The Little Things. The worst of it was, it was scary and it hurt. This week was a week of growth, and growth rarely comes without growing pains.

Here is a list of the good lessons I learnt this week:

  1. Keep it simple, really simple. Five year-olds are not going to stick around for ten minutes of instructions, even if they will sit that long they are not going to remember and follow them all.
  2. Lower your expectations. Children (or humans in general) are not always going to do things the way I think it should be done. The important thing? That they have fun! And maybe learn something along the way.
  3. Take pride in the small victories, because when you remember them, the failures stop looking so big.
  4. Give kids choices, and consequences. The most important part of this is DO NOT forget to give them positive consequences. They’ll do more for a smile, laugh, or praise than they will for a frown and a correction.
  5. Make it fun, and feel free to laugh with them.
  6. God will help when He sends you out of your comfort zone. I knew that I would need God’s help, so I prayed for it early on. He replied by supplying me with great, simple ideas for crafts and activities with the kids and some great helpers too.
  7. Good help isn’t that hard to find, but it can be hard to remember to ask for it. Fortunately for me help was offered to me without me having to ask.
  8. Life outside one’s comfort zone is scary, and big, and overwhelming, and it is really easy to feel like a failure when you’re out there. But it is full of blessings that make it all worthwhile.

The next time I step outside of my comfort zone I hope I remember this post. Perhaps reading over it will help me to have a better attitude about new experiences. Every experience is a good experience when you have the right attitude.

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