All I wanted to do today was sleep in. That was the only thing on my to do list. Needless to say, it did not happen. Truman woke up around seven demanding his breakfast. I fed him and went back to sleep for about thirty minutes, only to be awoken again by my alarm. After that, all chances of snatching more sleep were gone. So I got up. I’m back in southern Saskatchewan (we drove down yesterday afternoon) and Ky is putting me to work again helping him finish his garage.

It seemed like right from the get go this morning I was dragging my butt. I couldn’t seem to get it into high gear. We went and got groceries. Then we worked on the garage for a while, and I started lunch. Then I crashed. Ky actually had to finish making lunch, and I was glad he did.

If I thought I dragged my butt in the morning, it was even worse when we went back out in the afternoon. We got to a place in the project where my help wasn’t really needed anymore and I went into the house and collapsed into bed. I’m not sure what time I pulled the blankets over my head but it was four thirty when Ky came in to see if I was okay.

I got up then and we went for a drive and then came home to make dinner. The evening was wonderful, and I feel great now. More so than I realized I’d say this last week really took it out of me. My brain wakes me up in the morning and insists that there’s too much going on for me to sleep in. But then my body argues saying proper rest is non negotiable. Moral of the story? Sometimes a girl just needs to take a nap.

#day25 #lookingforthegood #naptime


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