All or nothing, that’s the way my mind seems to work. This week being a teacher at vacation Bible school has taught me a lot about myself, and children, and the people that I’ve been working with. When I volunteered to take on a class of four children my mind instantly created a scenario in which the children listened to me and did their crafts so neatly and listened to the stories with happiness and answered the questions right on cue. Anybody who has worked with children is probably either laughing at me or shaking their heads, because they know that such a scenario is rare, if at all possible. So at the end of the day I feel exhausted and in my mind can’t comprehend how its been a success in any way shape or form.

Yet tonight, I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop in front of me, pouting because I have no idea what to write. Am I broken? Have I stopped seeing the good in my day? Then Ky takes the laptop from me and starts typing. He is a smart guy, ask him to figure out fractions and angles and he’s got the answer exponentially faster than I could figure it out (helps that he practices every day in his line of work as a pipefitter). However, Ky does not like to read and equally dislikes writing. My point? He sat for almost fifteen minutes typing away. In the end he’d written a love note that just about made me cry.

Thinking about it, I realized that it really is the little things. That sounds cliché but as I thought back through my day I started to feel better about what I had earlier thought was a failure. I thought about listening to a room of kids laugh as the leaders made a joke during music time. Watching as someone stepped into help multiple times without being asked. My elders, the people I look up to, encouraging me. Those same elders being great role models for not only the kids but myself as well. A little boy that is absolutely hilarious if you take the time to kneel down and listen to him. A small girl with a smile that can brighten up the room.  A woman able to calm a hyperactive child by simply putting her arm around her. My niece’s excitement over getting to roast marshmallows on a fire, and being ecstatic over cooking her marshmallow SO fast (because she stuck it in the middle of the flames until it lit on fire). There really are too many things for me to list when I start thinking through it all.

This week I am extremely grateful for the little people I have been teaching, and the little things I have been blessed by. I am thankful for loving, helpful people. I am thankful for a country where doing hosting a vacation Bible school is possible.

Please, comment below if you can think of a “little thing” that brought joy to your day.

#day23 #lookingforthegood #littlethings #littlepeople #lovenotes



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