When Ky came to visit me this week, there was a huge pile of tree limbs, scrap wood, and miscellaneous burnables in our fire pit. You could hardly see the actual pit anymore. In the spring we put off burning it because of the dry weather and heavy fire bans across the province. However, we have had enough rain that those fire bans have been lifted for quite a while, but we just haven’t gotten around to starting a fire. Two nights in a row now Ky has started a fire and we’ve enjoyed being outside, gathered around.

The crackles and pops. The dancing flames that mesmerize you, not only because of their light, but also because of the warmth that reaches out and wraps you in a weightless cocoon. Intermittently something will pop and sparks will shoot up, breaking the hypnotic state, but it doesn’t detract from the romance of the moment. However, I am left wanting for one thing every time there is fire. The smell of the wood smoke makes me think s’mores.

All summer I have been telling Ky that I would love to have a campfire and s’mores one night. When I went to visit him he tried to convince me that bush pies were better. We tried a few, but I’m sorry, it didn’t compare to the gooey goodness of cooked marshmallows and melted chocolate sandwiched between to crispy honey grahams.

Finally, tonight, my mother stopped at the store and bought us some s’more fixings. It was like being a little kid again as I did my best to cook the marshmallow without catching it on fire or letting it drop off the end of the wiener stick. My mouth was watering as I watched it turn a crisp golden brown on the outside. Then I danced with anticipation while Mom placed a piece of chocolate on a cracker and used the other cracker to pull the hot marshmallow off the stick. Then comes the hard part, waiting long enough before eating it so that the chocolate melts, but not so long that it cools off.

I convinced Ky to try one, as he admitted he couldn’t remember ever having them. To my surprise he confessed that they were pretty good and asked for another. I couldn’t help but feel a golden nugget of satisfaction settle in my chest as he licked his fingers and said, “Now my mustache and beard are all full of stickiness.”

The whole experience brings back memories of coming home from school and asking mom if I could have “snores” for an after school snack. I remember wondering why they were called snores, it seemed like a silly name, not realizing that I was pronouncing it wrong.

I believe tonight too will be a fond memory years from now. If you’ve never tried them before, you need to. If you have, you’ll know what I am talking about and I wouldn’t be surprised if your mouth was watering just a little. Even if you don’t like s’mores I am sure you will agree that campfires are where it’s at.


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