Today was the second day of vacation Bible school and it flew by. Today I was in charge of my own class (slow clap for all the mothers out there who handle their children everyday all day today just reminded me how big of a load it must be). But more to the point of this entry, we enjoyed the story of Jonah today. Now when we tell the children the story we highlight the essentials, God told Jonah to go to Nineveh, he didn’t, he got caught in a storm at sea, thrown overboard, eaten by a whale, he prayed, God heard him, and the whale spit him out so he could go to Nineveh to give them God’s message. However, if you read the book of Jonah you’ll know that there was more to the story. Jonah, even though he changed his direction, did not necessarily change his attitude towards the Ninevites.

Jonah shared God’s message, and the Ninevites repented. They acknowledged God and asked for his forgiveness. The truth is that Jonah, once he had delivered his message, chose a spot up on a hill where he could watch and wait for the Ninevites to be smote by God. In my head, Jonah wasn’t that nice of a guy, he seemed to have that “holier than thou” attitude that drives a lot of people crazy, even today.

However, throughout the story we see God saves Jonah from drowning by having him swallowed by a whale. God hears Jonah pray. He has the whale spit up Jonah onto dry land. God then hears the Ninevites pray, and he forgives them. God even extended his kindness far enough to offer Jonah some shade as Jonah waited for Nineveh to be destroyed.

Seems to me God is the real hero of this story. In fact, if you look at every Bible story I am sure you would agree that God is the hero of all those stories. It amazes me we have a God that is happy to use us humans to do his work. Especially since we rarely have the right attitude. I don’t know, I guess it might be a good idea to let God be your hero, just a thought. He did, after all, have the back of Abel, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jonah, and many others. Who’s the hero in your life?

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