Unlimited Beauty

Yesterday on my way to and from church I was wearing my sunglasses. As I was driving I didn’t take much notice of the country side. However, today I went to church for the first day of vacation bible school and I wasn’t wearing my sunglasses this time. It shocked me how much more I saw. The ripening wheat sighed in uniform fields of gilded sage. A field of peas was very ripe, and it always surprises me how quickly they can go from green to a tawny brown. The corn was my favourite, emerald green stalks crowned in bronze fronds, standing in razor straight rows.

With my sunglasses on everything is a different hue. A tint is laid over the countryside that seems to turn on the indifference of my brain. When I take them off, yes the brightness of the sun may sting my eyes, but the details are so much crisper. There’s no denying the beauty, or the flaws, in the world around me. There are flaws too, garbage on the side of the road, smoke mars the blue sky, and weeds grow out of control on the edges of the cropland, just out of reach of a farmer’s concern.

In life we don’t have to be wearing sunglasses to suffer from this same issue. We live in denial, we try our darnedest to build something beautiful and convince ourselves that everything is fine. It is easier to be indifferent or ignorant, than it is to face the truth. People flock to the television to watch “reality” tv shows, yet reality is the last thing they want to see. What we see on television is an image that has been filtered and pushed into a box.

Yes, it would have been easier on my eyes if I had put my sunglasses on. And without them garbage and weeds and imperfections caught my eye more easily. But by putting them back on I would have been placing limits on the beauty I could witness.

So, how dark are the glasses you’re wearing? Please allow yourself the chance to see unlimited beauty. It is there, just waiting to be seen.


#day20 #lookingforthegood #unlimitedbeauty



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