There’s nothing quite like waking up to a good book and nowhere to go. There wasn’t much I really felt the need to do today. So I did my best to sleep in. That plan was thwarted, however, by the joint efforts of the three dogs. At six thirty my sister’s dog (who I’m watching for the weekend) started whining, because that is the time of day he usually is let out, so you really can’t blame the guy. When he finally gave up and went back to sleep our old retriever started his signature “don’t forget about me” bark. Finally, he gave up too. However, by that time Truman was awake and, having the advantage of being in my room with me, he convinced me it was time to feed everyone and get out of bed.

I wanted to be grumpy at the dogs for waking me up, but Truman’s joy over getting me out of bed was so goofy that I just had to laugh. Not sure what it is about that dog, but the more I laugh it seems the goofier he gets. If dogs can have a sense of humor, Truman definitely does! He would have to in order to put up with me for his whole life. 😉

I decided that if I couldn’t sleep in I could at least spend a glorious morning in bed with a delightful book. My sister sent it to me in the mail, and I was very excited to get it! There is something about getting lost in a good plot that is more relaxing to me than any bubble bath, massage or nap could ever be. Captivating characters and their challenges take my mind off of trying to force my own problems to a point of resolution. When I do take a break from their fictional lives, I realize that things are pretty good where I’m at. Taking a break from reality has a way of putting life in perspective.

I am very thankful for good books as they make for the perfect companion on a Saturday. With my nose buried in the pages of a novel I can forget about homework assignments, laundry, and even the sermon I am reading tomorrow. Well not quite, I did take a break to rehearse the sermon.

Today has reminded me of how much I love to read. I remember now why I used to consume not just single books, but whole series in a weekend when I was younger. My mother used to come into my room at 1 a.m. to find me still reading and she would have to take the book away from me so that I would be able to make it out of bed in the morning. It is something that I have missed without really thinking about it. What’s the last good book you read? I’d love to know because I am seriously considering starting a reading list for my “me moments” throughout the week.

#day18 #lookingforthegood #goodbooks #writingaboutreading

p.s. If you think this post was awfully short, understand it’s not you, I just have a book to get back to.


One thought on “A Good Book

  1. I have always been a reader also. When I was little when we went to be we could read until it got dark – no turning on the lights. I would sit on the window sill and read by the street light just outside. 🙂 I just read 3 books on holidays – orphan #8, My secret Mother, and a biography by Willie Nelson – all good…

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