There isn’t much to write about tonight. At first the thought bothered me, but then I realized that it isn’t a bad thing. Really, all in all I had a good day. I finished up my work at the post office, helped any of the customers that came in, and got some work done on an assignment. It was a quiet day but definitely a good day.

So here is the good that I found:

  1. More than one person today expressed appreciation over something I have written about, and it brought me a lot of joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has every liked, shared, commented, or expressed appreciation for any of my writing, it means more than words can say. I hope I can continue to bring joy to everyone’s day with my blog posts.
  2. I got a good chunk of my Macroeconomics assignment done and I’m almost ready to submit it!
  3. I realized that not every day has to bring a revelation or epiphany. Just like not every mishap has to throw me into a state of crisis. Our minds and our hearts need time to decompress, hence the blessing of quiet days. (I am a pretty intense person so this does not come easily to me.)
  4. God is helping me write these posts, I really had no clue what to say tonight, but I asked him, and took a minute to just breath, and then I realized that he did have something for me to say.

And that’s about it. If I had to take a lesson from today it would be “keep it simple, stupid” as Ky so lovingly reminds me now and then. Doesn’t always make sense to me what he means. I think it comes much more naturally to men than women, or perhaps it is more of a personality thing. Who knows!? Regardless, I don’t need to make any day out to be more or less than it was. I enjoyed my day, and it passed by like nothing more than a ripple in a pond. I thank God for it.

#day17 #lookingforthegood #quietday #goodday #keepitsimplestupid

p.s. My quiet day just got even better when I found a bottle of Baileys in the fridge, my favourite ice cream topper! Fingers crossed there is ice cream in the freezer.


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