Today I went and spent some time with a friend. Her daughter was receiving a riding lesson which I ended up staying to watch. I was very glad that I did. This young girl caught her horse, brushed it out, and had all the tack ready for her mother to saddle him up. She went out and warmed him up. I’ve ridden the horse so I know how big of a mover he is, and yet this young girl makes it look easy.

The two of them, girl and horse, moved around the arena. His long legs stretched out and landed in the arena dirt in graceful strides. She rode in perfect rhythm with him, a smile on her face the whole time. My friend, the little horsewoman’s mother, told me that when she asked her daughter what she wanted to do her daughter told her, “I want to jump because it makes me feel like I’m flying.” What a simple but beautiful logic. It was so easy for the girl to know what she wanted to do.

My friend and I pulled out some tires and poles to fashion a jump while the instructor gave the girl her lesson. Then we watched as she rode her horse around the arena and jumped. The first one was sloppy because the horse wasn’t too sure about those tires. But the girl persisted and brought him back around to try again. Within no time at all the two of them were jumping, the horse extending over the poles. The girl was laughing and smiling as they rose into the air and then came back down on the other side of the jump. The joy in that young girl was inspiring.

I saw someone fly today.

And now I have to ask myself, what makes me feel like I’m flying? What do I love to do because it allows me to stretch my wings and laugh with delight?

What makes you feel like you’re flying?

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