What a Nice Thing To Say

Today I worked at the post office. An older lady came in to buy a pen. She lives next door to the school here in Marwayne, and I saw her almost every single day of my childhood, in the very least every day that I walked to school. She asked me if I was ready for school to start up again, I told her I didn’t go to school anymore but did University courses through correspondence. We talked about how it was a little cheaper because I could stay at home, and I didn’t have to pay for transportation or housing. Not only that, but I find correspondence courses minimize the stress that interacting with teachers and other students creates for me.

The certificate I am working on has taken me longer than I would like to finish. I have two more courses left and I really hope to have them finished before winter. I pointed out to the woman that correspondence did have its disadvantages. She smiled, “it would be easy to neglect your studies, and some people might do that, but I know you and you wouldn’t.”

It seemed strange to me, because I didn’t think she knew me that well. But she was so sincere and confident in her statement that I couldn’t help but believe it was true. After she left I returned to my desk in the back room and thought, “what a nice thing for her to say”. I turned to look at the Macroeconomics assignment that was open on my desktop (that I have been working on for a week or more). With a smile on my face I started typing in the answers to the questions. I pushed aside the reluctance to do it that arises from my lack of confidence in my answers. I would finish my assignment this week. I wouldn’t neglect my studies, I couldn’t possibly. Not after somebody I barely know placed so much confidence in me. It is only fair that I do my best to prove her right.

#day15 #lookingforthegood #whatanicethingtosay #goodpeople #encouraged

p.s. I cannot believe I’m halfway through my thirty days! I don’t know what I am going to do with myself when its over.


One thought on “What a Nice Thing To Say

  1. sometimes it is the simplest comments from people known or unknown that make the biggest impacts in our lives Glad you are pushing forward with confidence and soon you will be done. 🙂

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