This post was meant for yesterday, and I had what I wanted to write planned out, it just didn’t get done. Yesterday I made the five-hour trip home from Strasbourg to Marwayne. It was uneventful for the first 4 hours. However as I drove past Lashburn, SK a sense of foreboding descended. It was a strange sensation actually. I could see the storm clouds rolling in. And the rain created a veil between me and the setting sun. The veil was grey, violet and bright orange where the light of the sun fought to seep through. Periodically the clouds lit up in shades of lilac and blue as lightning flashed. A sense of wonder and fear kind of froze my mind. Finally, as I neared Lloydminster, I entered the storm and the rain came crashing down.

I have been blessed on my many trips in that I’ve never had to drive through bad weather. (A few times I have been a passenger in such scenarios, like the time Ky and I witnessed a mini van get struck by lightning, but I digress.) So I was pretty nervous. I slowed right down as it got hard to see where on the road I actually was. It was fortunate I was on the pavement otherwise I might have experienced another Welcome to Saskatchewan moment 😉

My tires were having a hard time gripping the pavement through all of the water rushing across the road. At one point in time I pulled over and stopped completely. The thought crossed my mind that I should just wait it out. Another thought came to mind that I wished I would have stopped at my sister’s in Lashburn. Sitting there, I realized that wishing I hadn’t driven into the storm was a silly thought. Then I realized that sitting there waiting for it to pass was an even sillier thought. It wasn’t so bad that people needed to stop driving, in fact people were passing me, I was just being a chicken. For all I knew the storm could settle in and it could pour for hours. It was already 9 and all I wanted was to be at home in bed with my dog curled up beside me.

Putting my big girl panties on, I decided to just deal with it. I pulled back onto the road and made my way. I decided I couldn’t go too fast as my truck was too light and the back end kept trying to swing around. I took my time but drove steadily onwards. After a few minutes I drove out of the worst of it. It didn’t quit raining altogether but it was only a steady drizzle now, instead of a straight downpour. I found myself thinking about my man and me. Often he has mentioned how differently we each deal with stress. When I am stressed, or angry, or scared I shut down. I dig my heels in and refuse to go forward. My brain turns off and refuses to operate. Ky on the other hand is full steam ahead. He shifts into rabbit and lays the hammer down. Just keep on keeping on, he likes to say. Sometimes I think his way makes it worse before it gets better. However, most of the time it turns out to be more effective than my own method of coping. At least his way it gets done sooner rather than later. If we did it my way nothing would ever get done!

As I drove around Lloydminster I let the fear of the bad weather drain from me. The light of the street lamps caught the rain as it bounced off the pavement and ran towards the ditch. The effect made the water look like a crowd of little people rushing across the road to find shelter from the storm.  I made my way towards the distant clear skies and a feeling of joy filled my heart. A personality trait that my man has, the ability to just keep on going no matter what, was starting to rub off on me. Isn’t it funny how that works, bad or good, the traits of the people we spend the most time with start to stick to us. It makes my heart glad that we as humans have the ability to improve each other simply by investing a little bit of time.

#day14 #lookingforthegood #justkeepon #sorryitslate #stormyweather #justdealwithit

p.s. this reminded me of Dory off of Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.


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