New Pair of Jeans

Two years ago for Christmas I got a new pair of pants. That was the last time I got to enjoy the feeling of wearing a new pair of jeans. Last month I went to try on some new jeans, and because I have gained weight since the last time I bought new clothes nothing I tried fit. As a result, I got kind of pouty and gave up. Tonight was attempt number two. I got smart and tried on a size that was sure to be too big, and then a size that was one up from the jeans I usually wear. Trying on the jeans that were way too big made me feel skinny. Then slipping into the pair a size down made me smile. They just fit my body perfectly. No pinching or chafing. What a great feeling. A feeling that makes you go “ahh”.

There was no doubt buying those new jeans was the best part of my day. I changed into them right away and enjoyed the good fit for the rest of the evening. Made me feel like a whole new woman, comfortable and confident. Even my boyfriend noticed how excited I was to have them. He told me this was the part of my day I should write about, because it was obviously the best part of my day. It seems like such a small, silly thing to get excited over. All that aside, I’m thankful for new jeans and a boyfriend that will stick around while I try to decide which ones to get. 😉

#day12 #lookingforthegood #wrangler #goodfit


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