Sunsets and Tailgates

Driving through the country has to be my all time favorite thing to do. Ranks right up there with road trips. The best country drives are the ones with my man behind the wheel. Our tour today took us to Craven and then back to Duval to watch the sunset.
Sitting on the tailgate of the truck we pondered love, life and God. The sun was a brilliant blazing dandelion drooping slowly towards the horizon. Rays of light bid the day goodbye, streaks of cerulean, violet and magenta the only reminder of its brightness. The sky fools our human eyes.  We can detect no movement of the sun yet within minutes it has disappeared beneath the endless plain.
My mind turns to what a guy I used to work with once said. He grew up near the mountains of Alberta, and was at the time working at a feedlot outside of Lloydminster. One day he stopped and said, “there’s not much height to anything here. The trees aren’t very tall and there are no mountains. You have nothing to look up to out here.”
When he told me that I wasn’t sure how to respond. Then on one of my trips through Saskatchewan a new perspective came to mind. The prairie highway stretches on beyond my sight. I may not have anything to look up to but I have everything to look forward to. With one glance your eyes are bombarded with thousands of details. On a still night sound carries for miles. There is always something new to observe and admire.
Saskatchewan, where all the beauty is in plain sight, one must only pause to look. I’m glad I took the time tonight.
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2 thoughts on “Sunsets and Tailgates

  1. years ago – like 40!!! my aunt and uncle and cousin were at our place from BC. It was the first time my cousin had been in Saskatchewan. She was so excited because you “didn’t have to look up to see the sky – it touched the ground”

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