Don’t Throw Rocks… Unless You Have To

This one is going to be short and sweet, in addition to being tardy. My apologies, but I’m visiting my boyfriend and he’s a busy guy so I didn’t get a chance to sit down and upload this (despite him asking, have you done your post yet tonight?) Better late than never though right!?

While driving to town for building supplies for what felt like the upteenth billionth time since I’ve gotten here, a thought occurred to me. A significant part of my personality could be narrowed down to two words “obsessive planner”.

When faced with new or unfamiliar situations I think of every possible outcome and how I might react, or how others might react. Unfortunately, this habit causes a lot of undue stress in my life (and at times my boyfriend’s life as well). It always seemed to me that this was purely an unhealthy trait that I needed to learn how to quench or counter or remedy. Yet I had a light bulb moment today. (Similar to Gru off of Despicable Me). Writing advice I found a few years ago popped into my head. The picture below is what I remembered.2016-08-05-23-00-28--290299831

My mind naturally thinks of situations in which I (or someone else) could get stuck in a tree. Then on top of that I tend to obsess over what kind of rocks might be thrown. It seems to me that I could easily use the tendency to obsessively plan everything to my advantage when trying to write captivating stories. Perhaps now that I have seen the good side of this character trait of mine I might be able to minimize the effects of its bad side.

Do you have a seemingly negative character trait that you could or do use to your advantage in life? If so please share in the comments below or by sending me a message! I would be fascinated to hear your insights.

#day10 #lookingforthegood #betterlatethannever #dontthrowrocks #unlessyouhaveto

P.s. I posted this one this morning so that I can hopefully get my act back together and post another one tonight. I can’t believe I am already a third of the way through my Thirty Day challenge! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Don’t Throw Rocks… Unless You Have To

  1. I would be the constant worrier…. and I know it does absolutely no good. Sh** happens. The good side to that would be that I usually have a plan LOL…..

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