The best way for me to relax and take my mind off of life is to take a road trip. Whether I drive or I’m simply a passenger I love road trips. It doesn’t have to be to anywhere new (although that’s always a welcome adventure) it just needs to be longer than an hour. Today I made the all too familiar trip down to Strasbourg, Saskatchewan. I have made this trip many times before.

Why do I love road trips? Because it makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere. Repetitive, everyday life; like spinning my tires, stuck in the mud. Get out on the highway, set the cruise, and embrace the sensation of progress that travel embodies. From Marwayne to Saskatoon I let stress drop away behind me. There’s no room in my Chevy S10 for it. By the time I refuel in Saskatoon and hit the road again I’ve found a good station and belt out the words for any songs I know. Which, while I remember, if you’re ever travelling on Highway 16 near Saskatoon, 96.3 Cruz FM is a good station with some great hits.

Video Killed the Radio Star came on the radio and I sang along, happily remembering the mixed cd my father had made, with this song becoming the favourite among me and my sisters. We would listen to it over and over, belting it out in the back seat. Finally, mom got tired of the song one day on the way to Grama’s so dad took it out of the player and chucked it out the window as we were driving down the highway. We had too much fun watching it fly into the air and then come flashing down to the pavement for us to be upset over losing our favourite song.

Another great song started playing just as I saw the grain elevator of Duval (which is where my boyfriend lives). It was perfect for the moment, because I genuinely felt happy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t clap my hands and successfully dodge the potholes at the same time. By the time I parked my truck in the driveway I couldn’t help but feel like a brand new version of me. My advice, if you’re going anywhere for holidays this summer, leave life behind you and just enjoy your time away. Don’t get weighed down with the baggage that is work, schedules, bills and responsibilities (these things have a time and place, but summer va-cay is neither). Enjoy the rest of your summer folks!

#day9 #lookingforthegood #roadtrips #therapy #radio


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