Nature. It’s everywhere. Except what we have made to protect ourselves as humans from it, it makes up everything. We fear the harsh reality of the elements and nature’s darker, temperamental side. So we hide in our houses, protected by our clothes, rushing back and forth in our vehicles. What amazes me the most is that no matter how hard we try to resist it, nature weasels its way into any crack in our exterior.

Today I heard a frantic buzzing in the back porch at work. Looking up I saw a huge dragonfly buzzing around the light. My mother opened the back door and I shooed it out with the help of a broom. If that wasn’t enough mom told me that this morning she heard a cheeping and rustling in the woodstove. A sparrow had fallen down the chimney pipe and made her way into the stove. When I went home to get lunch I draped a heavy sheet around the stove, opened the door, and caught her when she fluttered out. I released her outside, and she flew away before I could get a chance to examine her. Hopefully she’s just a little sooty and fine besides.

Going back out to my truck to return to work, I saw the craziest thing. In the box, right along the back wall of the cab, a bunch of rotten wood chips and dirt has accumulated, and growing in it is three little trees. I can’t help but give them credit for innovation. Not only that but at the post office, there are windows probably ten feet off the ground, on the outside ledge is growing two little trees. Bizarre right!?

I sat back and stared at the little baby trees growing on the side of my mother’s building. Now this may sound hippyish but I can’t help but imagine a place where we coexist perfectly with nature. Without forcing it to wheedle its way into the nooks and crannies in out human fortresses. Really in my mind, the things I imagine, are sort of what you’d expect to see in a fantasy movie or read in a novel. A girl can day dream though, can’t she?

Something I learnt from all these little observations today, don’t take no for an answer, but be cautious where you’re exploring, you may find yourself trapped and at the mercy of someone much larger than you! 😉

#day8 #lookingforthegood #dragonflies #daydreams #nature


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