Wait a Minute Mr Postman

I remember as a child arguing with my sisters who got to go in and get the mail. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if I had to go back out to the car to ask my mother more than once, “Which box number is ours?” As a kid the thought of receiving something in the mail, addressed to me! well it was just a great feeling. It’s a feeling that hasn’t lost its value over the years. Even now when most of the things I get in the mail are bills or disappointing bank statements, I’m always thrilled to find that it’s for me!

As a mail sorter I get to hear some people’s reactions when they pick up their mail. The best is the kids that have run in for mom. You hear them arguing with their siblings about which box it is, and the littlest is always a little disappointed they can’t reach. Once in a while an older sibling will play the hero and lift their kid brother or kid sister up so they can open the box. Even though most of them never get something actually addressed personally to them, they are always so excited to get the mail.

This morning, as I was sorting through the mail, taking out anything too big for the boxes so it could be entered into the computer and placed on a parcel shelf, I found something for me! A while back I ordered a dog training dvd and you should have seen me when I saw it. I actually did a little jig. Then I laughed and excitedly put it with my bag for later when I could take it home and watch it.

Maybe it is silly, especially since I had to pay for the dvd, but still it made me feel like a kid again. Do you ever get that giddy feeling when you find that a friend or relative has sent you a card or a package? Or you receive something that you ordered and have been waiting for? Isn’t it great? Perhaps its why I love sending other people stuff by mail. I’ve even sent my boyfriend a pair of socks in the mail once. Yeah he has five dozen pairs and could have waited until the next time I saw him to get this pair back, but I wanted to show him that I was thinking about him. In the back of my mind I guess every time I drop something in the mail slot I hope someone else reaps a moment of joy when they pick it up at their own post office a few days later.

Perhaps getting the mail has never elicited this kind of response from you, but maybe there is something else that makes you feel jittery with excitement. What is something small and perhaps insignificant that you can think of that brings back feeling like a kid again? Let me know in the comments! Also, in case the title of my post gave you a music craving for the Carpenters (that’s my favourite rendition of the song) here’s a link to a video of that song.


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p.s. For any of you that are dog lovers and are curious about the training dvd I ordered, it is called “Crate Games” by Susan Garrett. I’ve watched it through once already and am excited to start with Truman! Check it out on her site: http://www.clickerdogs.com/store.php

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7 thoughts on “Wait a Minute Mr Postman

  1. We had a mailbox across the street from our rock wall. I would sit on the steps of the rock wall, waiting, waiting, waiting for our mailman to bring my PICTURES from Clark Labs. That was like Christmas for me. I can’t tell you how many hot summer days I sat on that wall, and walked back to the house empty-handed, but on the rare day there was something for me, I was the happiest girl!


  2. I love mail. Love, love love it. This week, I had two treasures–one was something I’d ordered, like you. I missed the first attempted delivery of it. The second was an unexpected card, and those are the very best. Thanks for this. You are reminding me of why I used to make a point of sending out cards–but our postal rates have gotten so out of control that I’ve stopped. I am re-evaluating that decision now.

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    1. My grandmother had a set of angel cards and I really loved them. So every time I sent her something in the mail she would use one of them to reply. I wish I could find all of the ones she has sent to me through the years.

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  3. Part of the excitement of the personal mail for me is that it ISN’T bills or junk! The real pleasure though, is that someone took the time to mail, when email and texts are so fast and easy. I need to remember this and use the USPS more often.

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