Surrounded by Good

Today was a hard day. Usually I enjoy days of having the house to myself but today was almost too long. I’ve been worrying about how to study for my Macroeconomics course. In my head economics is a spiral, this causes that, which results in three possibilities and can be mitigated by this, which will set off another loop. Personally I have a hard time figuring out where it begins and where it ends. Needless to say, it can get a little depressing if you don’t enjoy that kind of stuff. Which I don’t.

To the point of my story, I have an aunt who took accounting, and was a chartered accountant for quite a few years. We had a conversation a while ago and I was telling her the courses I was working on and she had mentioned that she enjoyed Macroeconomics. As I’m spiraling into the depths of despair fretting over my encroaching final exam God turned on a light-bulb. A simple text to my aunt, and a few hours later we were talking on the phone. She gave me a few helpful suggestions and said that once I had reviewed everything I could meet with her one evening and go over some things. Wow, family is awesome! Am I right?

It took something that doesn’t come easily for me though, I had to reach out and ask for help. The knowledge that I had help took a weight off my shoulders. While it didn’t lessen my workload by any means, it did give me some hope. The Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes talks about how two people are better than one, because if one falls the other can pick him up. “But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.”

Now maybe you don’t buy all this “God” talk, but I think you could seen the good sense in this Old Testament teaching. As humans, we need help. Why do people get into seemingly unsolvable problems? Because they isolate themselves by not asking for help. I am so glad I have seen the benefits of reaching out, and I hope that I would seize the opportunity to help another that might be reaching out. In this world it is easy to feel like everyone is out to get us. But today God showed me that I am surrounded by good people. All I have to do is seek them out and start a conversation.

#day6 #lookingforthegood #surroundedbygood

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p.s. If anyone can guess what phrase I stole from a movie and what movie I stole it from it would totally make my day!


One thought on “Surrounded by Good

  1. It is hard to reach out – especially if you have been burnt…… But once you do and get positive results it is great and makes you more willing to help others. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful place if everyone gave everyone a helping hand. Me and my rose colored glasses 🙂

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