The door squeaks as I open it, and then thumps shut behind me. I breathe in the smell of aged hardwood, books and a hint of dust. As I leave the vestibule smiling faces welcome me with cheerful good mornings. It is impossible to not respond in kind with a smile. Once greetings and brief chit chat are out of the way we gather around the table and start to talk. Beliefs, understandings, knowledge and wisdom are shared. Insight into the hearts of the people here flood my mind. Each and everyone is alive, bursting from the inside with a light that can’t be hidden. My favourite part is not that they have accepted me to fellowship with them but that I believe they would accept anyone to fellowship with them. Because that is the kind of people they are.

We leave the table; all having learned something new. Some of us may have even more questions to ask. Or perhaps we have more to share. We are left satisfied with the lesson, but still hungry for the next. As we each settle into the pews, comfortable not for their form but for their familiarity, our role has changed. Everyone is facing forward with adoration and devotion. Love is in our gaze but many cannot see upon what we fix our gaze. Music begins and voices raise, each person contributing to an inspiriting chorus. Nobody worries about whether or not I am on key, or what I wear. They don’t care what I look or sound like, but simply that I am here. Because that is the kind of people they are.

Service ends and we visit. I walk outside and observe as a member of the congregation feeds a stray cat that has wandered into the church yard. She lovingly talks to him. We admire how friendly he is and then I get in my truck to leave. Another member walks out of the church and smiles as the cat brushes up against his pant leg. He doesn’t care about the cat hair on his trousers, but kindly scratches the feline behind the ears. Someone pipes up and asks if he would take the cat home with him. No doubt someone will find the cat a home, or take it to the shelter so it can be cared for there. It never crosses anyone’s mind to be irritated by the cat’s presence. Because that is the kind of people they are.

Starting my truck, I pull out of the churchyard. Driving down the highway I can glimpse the white steeple of the country church in my rear-view mirror. For whatever reason it seems impossible to me for the church to ever cease existing. Those people who greet me every Sunday with such loving kindness will show the same loving kindness to the church and its yard. They are lead by God to do so. In their minds it is a privilege to care for the church. With humility and gladness, they serve each other and God. Perhaps it does cross their minds that maybe it is too much work, or perhaps it isn’t worth it, but they never let that stop them. They fix their gaze on high and continue on. Because that is just the kind of people they are. The kind of people God has made them to be.

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Services are held every Sunday at 10:30 AM we would be overjoyed if you ever felt like joining us for worship!


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