Yesterday was hot. A sticky, pressing, claustrophobic kind of heat. When you breathed in it felt like you were trying to pull steam into your lungs. You are in a sauna, all day, with no relief. The air movement was minimal, and what little breeze might have blown past was as hot and humid as the rest of the atmosphere. The pressure builds, like a bad emotion in your chest, and you just can’t help but fear the release, because it could break out violently.

Sometime this morning, however, it began to rain. I woke up to the rain forcing cold air through the screen of my bedroom window until I had to tell the dog to move so I could pull the blankets up around my shoulders. It rained almost all day. That beautiful, steady kind of rain. Most of the time when it gets as humid and as hot as it was yesterday we have a thunderstorm full of clashes and flashes of lightening. Kudos, our old mutt hates it and will run around the yard barking in protest. This time the relief came gently, like the smile of an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Cool rivulets of water traced their way down the windowpanes. There was a steady patter as the humidity that had gorged itself the day before burst and fell onto our tin roof. I sat and watched for a while, imagining I could see the rain bouncing off the pavement. Of course I couldn’t but it was a fine daydream for such a delightfully dreary day. The rain has stopped now, and I have finally made my way outside. My gaze turns to nature for inspiration in the evening air. On the back step the wet wood presses against the pockets of my denim cut-offs. Imagine you are sitting outside after a good rain.

Lean back, let your eyes fall shut, and just breathe. Pull as much air into your lungs as you can. First through your nose. Just feel how clean it is. It’s so pure and fresh and soft. The smell of the grass and wet dirt. That intangible and rejuvenating scent of fresh water. The perfume of a distant flower tickles your nose. Everything feels open and relieved. It smells so good you let your lips part and you can draw the taste of the pure, sweet air onto your tongue. It’s more refreshing than any glass of water you will ever have.

Savor the sensation and, I suggest, store it away for future reminiscing. The air after a summer rain demands to be breathed. And when you pull it into your lungs it is a vital reminder of what means to feel alive. My friend, I warn you, do not hasten to set the feeling aside.

#day4 #lookingforthegood #breath #summerrain #reminisce


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