It’s a Raisin

Work is a pretty easy going place for me. I work in a small town postal outlet, we don’t get a huge amount of traffic, especially since it is summer. Plus, my boss, yeah well she’s also my mother. That paired with the fact that I’m slightly hypoglycemic means I’m often munching on trail mix while I sort the mail. Today was no different.

As I was reaching into the yellow bag of trail mix I started analyzing the raisins. They were giant! Turning one over in my hand all of the sudden the sound of an old woman’s voice pops into my head, “It’s a mouse turd.”

I am remembering a scene out of a movie that I’ve completely forgotten until now. This old lady is arguing with a man, whether he’s the neighbour or her handyman I can’t remember. The only part I remember about the movie is this scene.

“No it’s a raisin.”

“I’m telling you it’s a mouse turd.” The old lady insists!

“It’s a – here,” the man pops it into his mouth and starts gagging.

“I sprayed it with Lysol.” She says innocently.

It had me laughing and shaking my head as I continued to sort the mail. I asked my boss/mom what movie it was, but she had no clue what I was talking about. The rest of the day every time I reached for some trail mix I thought, “It’s a mouse turd!” and now I’m dying to know what movie this is off of.

If any of you know what movie I am talking about, please tell me in the comments! That’s your trivia for the day, so I can make sure you are paying attention. 😉 If you don’t know what movie it is, well then you and me both need a moviecation.

Anyways, on to the moral of this story. This happens to me almost daily where I will see something, or hear something, or even just think something and all of the sudden my mind gives me whiplash as it flashes back into a memory. Most of the time the flashbacks are embarrassing to the point of making me cringe. However, every now and then I am blessed with fond or funny memories. Today was one of those instances, and you know what? The little bit of humor brought about by those raisins kept me going all day, even as I dealt with customers (although the customers in Marwayne are pretty darn awesome!) and cleaned the post office bathroom in the sticky July heat.

Am I the only person this happens to? I bet if enough people thought about it we could come up with some funny stories! Let me know in the comments if you can relate. I’d love to hear your own flashback moments. This is Day 2 of 30 Days of Looking for the Good. If you missed Day 1 follow this link. And please come back tomorrow for day 3!

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3 thoughts on “It’s a Raisin

  1. Hahaha you made me laugh before my coffee – pretty good feat!!!!! palindrome bring back memories – ask Ky………and I don’t have a clue about the movie –

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