Lemon Drops and Silver Linings

You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes well you just might find, you get what you need…

The words of Mick Jagger ring through my ears and I smile with that feeling of happiness that good music just seems to bring me. The sun hangs in the sky like a sticky, sweet Lemon Drop. There is only one cloud in the sky that I can see, but it is full of silver linings and only adds to the beauty of dusk.
Its funny how other colors seem muted when you notice how brilliant the sun is. It’s not unlike the sensation of being in love, everything else fades away except that one person that makes your heart thrum in your rib-cage.
I read an article the other day about a woman who has more color cones in her eyes than the average person and as a result she can see 99 million different hues of color, or some absurd number like that. It blows my mind the complexities of nature.
The colors of the sunset and that article both make me wonder at the abstract nature of color perception. Have you ever stopped to think about it before? It isn’t possible to label something as a specific color, because everyone sees it slightly different, or in the very least we don’t all see it the same. There isn’t any wrong or right, some people just can’t see what I see, and I can’t see what they see. And if that’s not profound enough. Color perception is all about relativity, put one color beside another color and it won’t look quite the same. It might jump out at you a little more, or it might suddenly become sullen and muted. Similar to the way different personalities react in different groups of people. Do you ever feel muted when you stand beside certain people? Or you can’t help but shine in other situations?
So there you have it, my ponderings on the drive home from Lloydminster to Marwayne. This is day 1 of my 30 Days of Looking for the Good. Its there, I just have to find it. I’m making the commitment today to write about what I see every day that I think is good or awe inspiring. My audience, whether you guys care or not, I hope will hold me accountable so it actually gets done.

Take it Easy by the Eagles just started playing, another really good song that gets me smiling.

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16 thoughts on “Lemon Drops and Silver Linings

  1. Loved the lemon drop description of the sun. Did you know that until the 17th century or so there wasn’t a word for the color blue? I love looking at the summer flowers in the yellow family. I will be looking forward to the next 29 days.


  2. I do think it is amazing we all see the same color differently. That is, until you have to pick hues for your new logo at work. Then, the color differences aren’t as amazing. It’s too green, too blue, not blue enough…ugh!

    I do like your 30 Days challenge though!


  3. Now I’m gazing out the window, studying color. A friend of mine has a few old painted cupboards, and every time I visit I tell her how much I love the green one. She insists it is blue. Love your new challenge and look forward to more!

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    1. Thanks Via! I’m on day 5 so far and although I am finding it isn’t easy to always be inspired, I am learning how to jump start myself and write anyways. Funny thing, no matter how I feel before I write the post I always feel great afterwards!


  4. When I moved from Heaven-on-Earth to L.A., I had to practice–daily–looking for the beauty in the hell. It was a worthwhile practice. And it worked. It’s like poet Mary Oliver always compels us: “Notice. Look. Have you noticed?”

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