The only thing that breaks up the long stretch of road is the potholes. I don’t mind though, my little truck fits between them effortlessly, as long as I am paying attention. Doves, robins, purple martens, sparrows and swallows give warning to the approaching dawn. I sleep in an eastern room so the sun creeps in early and beckons me to enjoy the summer morning. As I walk out to my truck I can’t help but breathe in deeply, trying to draw the freshness of the morning dew and the new day into my lungs. It fills my senses and permeates my mind till I can’t help but feel alive. Alive. Not something people resemble very often anymore. When you’re outside by six a.m. you can’t help but feel it. It makes you realize just how much we let ourselves die on the couch, in front of the television, forgetting how to walk and breath.

The land of living skies has a way of reminding you though. Especially here, in this place. Last Mountain Rural Municipality. At first, while I still thought like an Albertan, I laughed at what they called a mountain. But in the evening while we are out for a drive I realize you just have to step back. The landscape has to be admired from a long way off before it can be enjoyed up close. Perhaps that is what this long distance relationship has been teaching me.

I can’t help but despise going home when everything is so much more vivid here. Colors are everywhere, so crisp and vibrant. The yellow, blue, and green of crops blooming. The magenta, orange, and violet of the sunset. Birds sing. Train’s clack by. People wave, smile, and stop in unexpectedly to see if coffee is on.

It flows in, it flows out. It seems like nothing stays still for long. Not the grass, or the animals, or the people. Not even the sky. There is a steady, comforting beat that everything moves to. Harmonious, productive, alive. This place, I keep coming back to it. My thoughts dwell on it. In my mind it has become the very heart of Saskatchewan. Not because it is the center station of all the activity. But because it is the epitome of everything this province comes from and strives for.

A place the person I love calls home. The place I wish I am when I’m anywhere else. The last visit before this one was too long ago. Yet I needed the break to put things in perspective. To enjoy everything with renewed wonder. So that at last I understand where I want to be.


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5 thoughts on “Heart of Saskatchewan

  1. I more or less know where you are! I was raised in Lumsden, and everything about this post made me smile. Everything from the flax and canola (there are no more beautiful colours together), to the sound of the trains, to the crispness of the air. You have delighted me more than you could realize. This was about going home–my home.


  2. Everytime I drive through it, I can still hear Lisle telling me about it being an actual mountain. This was always followed by how someone broke the land on one of the faces. Followed by Lisles signature laugh.

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