Hey God, it’s me again…

Hey God, it’s me again
And as you can see
I’m just a little stuck.
I ran out on you,
And then I ran out of luck.
Even though I don’t deserve it,
That’s without a doubt.
Could you...
I was wondering, maybe help me out?

I have missed you my child.
Give me your hand, I will pull you up.
I’ll wash away all this muck.
Don’t be afraid, don’t you fret,
You can always run to me.
It doesn’t matter if you deserve
all of the above
Because I love you
And it is an unfailing kind of love.

It’s been swell God,
But I’m afraid I have to go.
The world is such a busy place you know.
I can’t talk now, so much to do
But come Sunday I’ll be sure to see you.

Alright my child,
But you needn’t wait until Sunday,
Tis a long way off, please call me anytime.
Don’t worry I’m always free,
It’s never too late, or too early.

Hey God, It’s me again,
And as you can see
I’ve run out of gas.
I ran out on you,
And now life is flying past.
Could you perhaps, top up my tank?
And you have to know, God
You will always have my thanks.

Of course my child,
We’ll get you back on the road.
And here is some extra for the next time
You find yourself running low.
Life can be tough, and it moves way too fast.
I’ll be the first to say yes, even if I get asked last.
Don’t fret about whether or not
You deserve all of the above,
I love you, my child, with an unfailing kind of love.

Thank you, God, you really are the best
But I’ve got to go, and catch up with all the rest.
There is so many people, asking things of me
But on Sunday, in the front row,
Is where I am sure to be.

Alright child, but don’t feel you need to wait.
Sunday is a far way off, drop by anytime,prayer-1380214_640
Whenever works best for you is fine.
It’s never too early, and it’s never too late.

Hey God it’s me again
And as you can clearly see
I am getting tired of all of this.
I run from here to there
Looking but I cannot find.
Always rushing, and perpetually behind.
Could you help me out, my Lord?
I can see now I can’t do it without you
I need you now, I need you then,
And I will always need you,
Forever, and again.

My child I can help!
Sit down here, place your head upon my chest.
You don’t have to wait until Sunday
To enter my blessed rest.
It is okay child, that it has taken you this long
All that matters is that now you’re here.
Do not fret, do not worry, do not fear.
You can have all of the above, my dear
Because I have loved you, all the way from there to here.
I love you now, I loved you then
I will always love you, forever and again.


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