The dragon rose up before him, blue smoke curling from its black nostrils. Its eyes flashed like emeralds and its tongue tasted the air.

“What is your purpose here human?”

“I wish to free the Princess from her prison of enchanted sleep, but first I must slay you dragon!”

With a weary sigh the dragon gazed into his glazed over brown eyes, and took a look at the typical rich velvet robes and gold washed armor. With a flap of her wings she lifted herself up off the crumbled castle wall she had alighted on and set down on the ground in front of the knight in shining armor.

“Trust me,” she hissed, “you don’t want to do that.”

Then she hunched down and blew a blast of flame at the man, cooking him in his own armor. Her nostrils flared in disgust at the smell of singed velvet. Turning she flapped her wings again and flew over the short castle wall. That was the third one this month, the dragon glanced at the tower, the Sleeping Princess must be getting restless.


Smoke swirled and distorted her vision. Once it cleared she saw a man making his way across the field of burnt ground and scattered stones. He wasn’t riding a horse, and he didn’t glint in the sun the way armored knights did. It tickled her curiosity. She stirred from her perch on top of the tower and scaled the stone walls, using her wings to steady herself. Reaching the ground, she picked her way across the courtyard and peeked over the crumbling wall. She could see that the man was carrying nothing but a satchel.

When the man reached the piece of wall she was hiding behind she climbed atop it and hissed at him. Hot smoke swirled out and the man flapped his hand at it, coughing unattractively. The smoke cleared and he stared up at her. His grey eyes were uncertain.

The dragon recoiled slightly. His eyes watered but were not glazed over. He wasn’t acting chivalrous or supercilious. In fact, the dragon decided, he looked quite intelligent and very – plain.

“Who are you?” asked the dragon, and then she recoiled again when she realized how stupid she had sounded.

The man blinked a few times before answering,

“My name is Simeon, exterminator of all things weird and eerie living with malicious intent.”

“What are you doing here?” she leaned in suspiciously, preparing to burn him to a crisp.

“I’m here to kill the siren.”

The dragon sat back on her haunches.

“Well than, let me show you to her tower.”

The dragon reached out with a clawed foot and grabbed the man by his belt. With a flap of her wings she lifted off the ground and towards the tower.


Simeon suppressed a scream when he felt himself being lifted by the dragon. But, as quickly as she had lifted him off the ground she chucked him through a window in the tower and he tumbled across the hard floor. He pushed himself up off the floor and analyzed the situation.

He reached into his satchel and pulled out a round, crystal bottle. With his index finger he drew a symbol on it, mumbling words that came easily to his lips. Licking his lips nervously Simeon inched across the room towards the bed. He gazed down at the Sleeping Princess where she lay. Simeon was forced to admit that she was easily the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. In a quick business-like manner Simeon leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her lips.

Her eyes snapped open. She sat up in bed so abruptly Simeon had to scramble away from her. Her mouth opened and a siren’s melody filled the air. The air grew thick, and it got hard to pull breath into his lungs. Grabbing at the bottle, he pulled the cork stopper out and held it towards the woman. She paused in her advance and her song stuttered. Simeon gasped for breath greedily as the air returned to normal

He watched coolly as she began gasping for breath. Her hands clutched her throat, and her face turned an ugly shade of mauve. The woman fell to her knees, and then onto her face.

Simeon stood up. His hands were shaking and sweat ran down his back. The sleeping princess now lay sloppily on the floor, her lovely gown was nothing more than rags disintegrating on her body and her skin had turned grey until she seemed to disappear into the floor. With a satisfied nod he slammed the stopper back into the bottle.

A shout from outside the tower startled him. Simeon strode towards the window and stuck his head out. In the courtyard below was a young woman. She waved her arms at him, “Simeon, you did it!”

“Who are you?” He demanded.

“I’m the dragon, the siren cursed me into this form right before the sleeping spell took effect.”

Simeon stopped and considered that for a moment. “If you’re human now, how am I supposed to get down?”

Laughing the woman yelled up at him, “Use the stairs stupid!”

Simeon cast about the room, and noticed a dark shadow behind the edge of a curtain. He threw the curtain aside to reveal a stairwell. Shoving the bottle back into his bag, Simeon began his climb down. His thoughts were on the woman waiting for him in the courtyard.

To think, he’d come here to kill the Sleeping Princess, and as a result he was going home with the Dragon Lady on his arm. Simeon chortled as he reached the bottom and stepped out into the sunlight.

“All in a day’s work.” He murmured with a grin.

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