Feeling a little nostalgic and thought I would share something I wrote in highschool….

Within strong arms she does reside
In the courtyard she and her lover hide
Diamond tears trickle down her face
Their two hearts beat at a fearful pace

He would leave the coming morrow
Her jade eyes full of love and sorrow
With one fervent kiss she retreated
Of a life with love, both had been cheated

In the royal room she could not sleep
Morning she was found in the keep
Waving a kerchief and blowing a kiss
She gazed at her man she would miss

They both hope from battle he wouldn’t return
Then there would be no tempting or yearn
Promised to a noble duke was she
And a lowly, humble pike man he be

With the wind summer days blew by
Then peacefully fall nights grew nigh
Loneliness. The princess did depress
For her daughter the Queen would stress

Twas time for the girl to be wed
Duke Zoren had interest, he had said
So her wedding wardrobe was sewn
And the occasion to all was known

She hated the duke with all her heart
Though pikeman and her must stay apart
She could not be happy with the duke
The pikeman her mother would rebuke

The Princess knew she must escape
So her plans for leaving took shape
By Princess’s plans the queen was shocked
The princess was in a keep locked

It was the same keep as where she stood
The morn her lover left strong and good
She looked across the mighty land
Wishing that by her lover she could stand

With an idea she ran to her pen
Tied it to the leg of a pigeon
The pigeon took off out the window
And to her father he would go

Her father would surely comprehend
He wasn’t snobby, but like a friend
To the pikeman he would give
The princess’s frantic missive

He following the army, walked hard
Sadness walked with him, his heart was scarred
He missed her greatly, everyday
An answer for his stress he would pray

Finally they halted the procession
By then the pikeman had depression
All prepared for the battle ahead
All were anxious and full of dread

At last the time came for them to fight
The air was still, tense and tight
The golden bugle blasted the air
All galloped in time with the fanfare

Then disaster came at mid struggle
Enemy to the king did smuggle
Off was shot a deadly arrow
Pikeman saw, might rose in his marrow

With one word, “Stop!” He saved the king
His powerful word stopped everything
They all knew now that he was a mage
Enemies fled in a frightful rage

All praised him for his victory
Even the king bowed to his glory
They were getting ready to leave
Princess’ letter the king did receive

To the mage the king said, “Hurry”
King gave him a fast steed named Fury
The mage sped across the land to home
Spirit world his lover threatened to roam

He came to the castle of his lover
Anxiety on the air did hover
He looked to where all’s eyes were gazing
In white the princess was amazing

She was on the ledge of her window
Ready to jump to her death below
He called out to her through the still
With his voice the hole in her heart did fill

He flew to her, wrapped her in his arms
She basked in his magical charms
A crystal tear trickled down her skin
Now it was tears of joy from within

In the end the two were together
And their love never did wither
When her parents passed, and were gone
With their rule days of dark were foregone

The Pikeman and the princess lived happily
For the rest of eternity
None hated them or challenged them
And their rule was pure and lovely like a gem


7 thoughts on “The Pikeman and the Princess

  1. Hahahaha! I am cracking up! This is magnificent in every way! Man, the stamina of youth, right??? LOL! So much love!!!!! My favorite lines: “He flew to her, wrapped her in his arms / She basked in his magical charms”! Oh, SO many places one could go with this! Looooove it! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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